Haven in Salamanca


In Spain you can’t miss Salamanca. Of course you have to see its historical centre with the cathedral, many glorious university buildings, palaces and its fascinating museums.However sometimes you need a break from any city; its noise, its crowd and tourists. Somewhere in this impressive city is an oasis of peace …


gourmet market


Going to the market is not the same in Campo de Ourique, one of the oldest ones in Lisboa. Opened in 1934 and refurbished in 2013 with a contemporary look and feel it was inspired by the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. Lisbon City Hall realized the project combining …


Getting Around -Lisboa


There are different ways to go around Lisbon. Public transport (buses, trams, trains, metro) is quite cheap and organised(-ish) however a lot of people walk. WALK! Lisbon’s calçada or stone pavements are becoming rare as they need maintenance and require specialist skills. However they still survive in the centre as it´s …


At the beginning


  When I was 7 years old, I wanted to write poetry. My favourite was Maurice Carême, a Belgian Francophone poet. His poems were all about nature, animals and beautiful rural scenes. So simple yet so deep it would make me daydream, “she’s in the clouds” (translated literally from the …