Marrakesh seemed a very mysterious place maybe because of the famous tales of the Orient, the mix of smells of Jazmin flower and pungent spice, the snake charmers, the water bearer, the traditional costumes… In this fortified imperial town with its fired-coloured walls, there are many magical corners where you can escape from the crowd to find some genuine atmosphere.

While some tourists venture around in their shorts, their sense of direction completely lost in the medina, the locals are observing foreigners from the corner of their eyes.

Apart from those persistent merchants you don´t directly see them. The women walk quickly from one place to the other covered by their hijab while the men in their djellaba sit on the street drinking and smoking together.

Wandering in the alleyways is truly enchanting but you can´t avoid feeling a little anxious too in the middle of this unexpected silence. On the way you will encounter beautiful old wooden doors that make you want to glimpse inside, decorated water fountains in odd places, arches and dark passages, mosaic walls. The cobbled streets may lead you to some steps where you can find yourself in a shop or a Ryad, more mazes full of marvels.

The people come out briefly to sweep their doorstep, to welcome some old tradesman or just to peek out...for they sense your presence. The wild cats snooze under the strong sun that hits you in one alley. However when you go round the bend you suddenly find yourself in cold darkness. Hiding from the bright light and heat, the locals walk through this labyrinth swiftly. You hardly notice their presence, as you turn around they have vanished.

Some signs and donkey carts suggest you are near the exit. Following the tick walls and the wild electrical wires then under wooden beams you find yourself in the souk where alas you bump into the crowd again.