Train Life


In 10 years the situation has changed very little. It seems that the population has grown and more people live by the tracks.
Trains come past every day just next to the houses of this area. While the trains go through at all speed, one has to stop and observe these lives, even admire them incredulously.

It’s a communal life, with little space or privacy, shared with neighbours and passers-by.
Typically generations live together in one room where families don't fit and most of the tasks are done outside or with opened doors: cooking, eating, watching TV, etc.
They only possess the minimum: a mattress, a TV, a fridge, a fan, a chair, plastic utensils, etc. However life still goes on: trade, family, work, money and friends.

Under the usual polluted white sky children grow up and grandparents grow old in the narrow and darks streets next to these tracks,
Even so, they always greet you with a smile and don’t ask for anything, they welcome you in their humble home and receive you with tea and fruits.

In all cultures we endure and take for granted our life, always thinking that it’s worse or better than others'.