yasmine samiry photographe grahic designer london international

Yasmine´s life has been a journey of discoveries. 

Granddaughter of an archeologist-photographer, she remembers in her childhood, being drawn to the technology of the camera.
She was fortunate to be surrounded by different cultures and able to see new places.
At an early age, she was experimenting with her own SLR. Photography was first a form of escaping her traditional and sheltered environment; she was often characterized as a daydreamer. Drawn to “exotic” lands, her imagination would run free.
Growing up in different places made her an avid observer, questioning everything and experimenting with the new.

She has always been a strong believer that the world was her origin as well as her destination, always defining herself as international.
At university (BA in Design and Media -West London University) she spent most of her time in the darkroom conquering different formats, papers and material and discovering different circles such as Performing Arts, Spanish culture, etc.

In her adulthood she went to live and work in China and Asia, an experience that definitely changed the course of her life along with a year backpacking from Asia to America and later tour guiding in Austral-Asia. From then on she could finally fulfill a lifelong ambition: to explore the world with her camera.
Curiosity and creativity have always been her guides; living in different cultures has been an experience that definitely enriched her life and that she loves to transmit.

Her other passion, travel, harmonizes perfectly with photography. Taking the time to explore a country, its culture and people, integrating in their society and surroundings, and participating in their life.

At the turn of the century, life brought her to other horizons. Following her passions, she came back to Europe and spent nearly a decade in Spain where she cultivated self-development and growth, reaffirmed her personality and discovered new ways of creativity. Her recent travels have been more like retreats, focusing on body and mind to fuel up on energy and motivation, replenish inspiration and complete her vision.
Most of her interests and activities involve creativity, bringing her new sensations and allowing her to get closer to culture such as adventure sports, ceramics, languages, etc.

Yasmine is an art sourcer, photographer and artist, graphic designer and founder of a photographers’ collective.