As a photographer, I have moved forward with my instinct. My life has been characterized by waves of powerful events and changes -negative as well as positive- abrupt and overwhelming at times, occasionally shifting from serenity to frustration.

This trend has come to light in my photography, from vibrant and endless energy to philosophical lassitude. It has brought me determination to commit to my dreams and complete my vision.

As an artist, sometimes I feel the need to “transform” my original image, like changing the course of nature, adapting it to what I want it to be. Sometimes I want to preserve its identity, calling attention to details or focusing on one feature.

Emphasizing on the interior design aspect, I play with different materials, set-ups and designs to create a beautiful and meaningful tailored environment. I want to enliven spaces and walls with the right art. I advise and create bespoke art with my photography, making it unique and extraordinary.

As a storyteller I mix lights and colours, styles and subjects. I create dreams and hopes, preserving a humanistic aspect at all times. My stories are the reflection of life, beautiful and hard at the same time, strong emotions within ordinariness.

In any case, I will be always looking for a purpose or a meaning in photography, I love the beauty it brings, the reality it captures and the feelings it conveys.

In the middle of the new crowd of photographers, I often felt frustrated by contemporary photography and how it became ostentatious.

At first, I felt resentful intending to put my photos in the middle of this sometimes no-sense art world.

Photography has always been a companion in my life, but now I feel the need to share it and put it out there. I believe photography is art and sustains that it is on the way back.