My life has moved forward from instinct. It has been characterized by waves of powerful events and changes, abrupt and overwhelming at times, occasionally shifting from serenity to frustration. This trend has transpired in my photography, from vibrant and endless energy to philosophical lassitude.

Art is an extension of my identity, sometimes I feel the need to “transform” my original image, and just do what comes to mind at that particular moment; it’s like changing the course of nature, adapting it to what I would like it to be.

As a storyteller I mix lights and colours, styles and subjects. I create dreams and hopes, preserving a humanistic aspect at all times. My stories are the reflection of life, beautiful and hard at the same time, strong emotions within ordinariness.

I do not want to give up looking for a purpose or a meaning in photography, looking at beauty or reality. The world has been my classroom, it has brought me determination to commit to my dreams and to believe in what I do.